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  • Size

    4 oz


    The Little Kernel® Mini Popcorn Naked No Salt Added. Made with 100% olive oil. Respect the corn. Attack your hunger. Gluten free. Whole grain. Non GMO. I'm all about going on an adventure, but even I know it's good to get back to basics sometimes. Want the naked truth Whoever said plain is boring never met me. If you're looking for something real, look no further. I'm stripped down to flawless, simple flavor and all yours. Slip into something a little more comfortable and snack away. Respect the corn. Attack your hunger. Never surrender to subpar snacks. The Little Kernel® keeps it real using 100% pure olive oil and delicious ingredients on a quest to bring you only the best! Follow more of his corny adventures: www.thelittlekernel.com.






    The Little Kernel


    The Little Kernel