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    Brand new. Two kooky cookies. Incredible taste. Take a bite! And what about calories? Nothing a giant mammoth would lose sleep over. Bonjour! We've been perfecting our recipes to the peak of tastiness with our compatriots in France for 10 years. Over 150 million cookies have been baked and enjoyed! Now we're ready for an amazing new challenge: to bring our cookies to the homeland of cookies! Michel - Chocoholic. Augustin - Vanilladdict. Two kooky cookies? Augustin is on his way to New York with his luxurious locks, his 5 kids and the fond memory of his beloved blue kangaroo. Michel stayed in France with two potted plants, a bike and the remnants of a full head of hair. Got a recipe or an idea? Michel et Angustin The Banana Farm 1-646-820-0935. Want to keep up with all the excitement at the Banana Farm? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. www.MichelEtAugustin.com. Open house every first Thursday of the month from 7 to 8:30 pm. We're house-hunting in Brooklyn. Know of any Banana Farms for rent? Open house at the banana farm. Every first Thursday of the month from 7 to 8:30 pm the doors of the banana farm 3.0 are wide open and the whole gang is there! Boasting an all-you-can-drink yogurt bar and international guests, it's not to be missed! Registration is easy as cookie. Head over to our nifty website one week in advance, at 12 o'clock extra sharp. Warning: Taste buds will be tickled ;). Our recipes are confidential. Not our ingredients! Only simple and GMO free ingredients in our kitchen. Big kids on the small screen - season 2. 1989: By chance, Michel finds himself next to Augustin near the radiator at the back of the class. Their mission today? To change the world and put a smile back on your face ;). Take a bite out of life. And out of cookies! The secret to keeping a smile on your face? Eat a little, of everything, drink water, and waddle around. Nothing to it. Our Adventure: Better when shared. Simple, human and incredibly tasty. The delivery guy, the shop owner, our tired old banana tree and, most of all, you: everyone's two cents count in this crazy taste revolution! 1st Cookie Tasting in Union Square: David has made his torrid dream come true, converting New Yorkers to cookie square lovers. What's next? Converting the world and making our planet smile;). To be continued at www.MicheletAugustin.com. See you soon. Life is good! Product of France.






    Michel et Augustin


    Michel et Augustin