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    Polly-O Reduced Fat Mozzarella String Cheese. Per stick: 60 calories. 2.5g sat fat, 13% DV. 160mg sodium, 7% DV. 0g sugars. Natural cheese. 1/4 less fat than mozzarella cheese. Made with 2% milk for 1/4 less fat. No artificial flavors or preservatives. 7g protein per snack. 12 snacks. Only 5 ingredients in our ingredient line. 7 grams of protein to help get you going. Good source of calcium to build strong bones. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Zero grams of sugar. Wholesome. Perfectly portioned. Portable. Contains 0g of lactose per serving. This product 4g. Mozzarella 6g. kraftfoods.com. 1-877-476-5596 (877-4POLLY-O) have package available. © Kraft Foods.