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    De Cecco Farfalle No. 93 Tricolor. Dal 1886. Cooking time - 13 min. Al dente - 11 min. Our traditional recipe for over 130 years. Enriched tomato & spinach macaroni product. 12 oz (340 g). From father to son. Since 1886, we have maintained an important responsibility: carrying on over 130 years of tradition in making high quality pasta, to bring the pleasure of authentic Italian cuisine to dining tables around the world. Traditional production method that has remained true to our family recipe for more than 130 years. 1. Since 1886 we select the best durum wheat produced in Italy and in the rest of the world and we use the best Italian tomatoes and spinach leaves to guarantee a pasta with unique qualities and superior cooking performance. 2. Before being milled our durum wheat, as well as our tomatoes and spinach leaves must pass strict quality controls in our quality assurance laboratories. 3. We use 100% Italian tomatoes and spinach leaves and "coarse" durum wheat semolina to obtain a signature pasta with a distinctive taste. 4. We knead the semolina with cool water at a temperature of less than 59°F to ensure our pasta maintains its firmness after cooking. 5. We use bronze drawplates to create a rough surface on the pasta to better retain sauce. 6. We dry our pasta slowly at low temperature to preserve the flavor of our wheat. Discover the best recipes for a perfect Italian pasta. Email: consumerservice@dececcousa.com. Visit: www.dececco.com.