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    Certified 100% grass-fed cows. PCO certified 100% grass fed. Certified organic. USDA organic. Vitamin A & D. Grade A. Ultra-pasteurized. Homogenized. Learn more at grassfedfacts.com. 100% grass-fed organic goodness! Visit maplehillcreamery.com to find more products near you. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. (at)MapleHillCreamery. This is Maple Hill: When we started dairy farming, we were told that cows couldn't thrive on just grass, but we decided to give it a try. Our cows grew healthier and happier, and we knew we were onto something. A few years (and a few batches of homemade yogurt) later, we founded Maple Hill Creamery. Since 2009, we've been committed to making tasty products exclusively with our milk from the third-party certified, 100% grass-fed organic family-owned farms of the Maple Hill Creamery Milkshed. By choosing our delicious milk for your family, you're growing a regenerative dairy system. 100% grass-fed organic dairy farming creates the happiest lifestyle for cows on the healthiest pastures, and provides farmers with financial stability. Our 2% reduced fat milk has a uniquely fresh, distinctive flavor and lightly creamy taste. All the credit goes to the cows and the grass. Enjoy! - Tim Joseph; Founding Farmer & CEO. Buttercup - Hidden Camp Farm, Canajoharie, NY: I prefer red clover over white. Certified organic by PCO. Better for cows. Better for land. Better for farmers. Better for us. Gluten free.






    Maple Hill Creamery


    Maple Hill Creamery