De Cecco Linguine 100% Whole Wheat

De Cecco Linguine No. 7 100% Whole Wheat Pasta. Dal 1886. The first certified. Cooking time 11 min. Al dente 9 min. Traditional processing method: slow drying at low temperatures. Enriched whole wheat. Macaroni product. Certified product. Our quality is an inherited passion. Certified. De Cecco's is the first certified pasta for the distinctive quality of many parameters such as. The selection of the best durum wheat which guarantees a greater firmness of the pasta whilst cooking. Whole wheat Linguine "Parmigiana". For additional delicious recipes please visit us at 100% whole grain. 55g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. De Cecco is a SA8000 certified company.